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Aboriginal Legal Assistance

Aboriginal Legal Assistance Program (ALAP)

MLC is committed to providing culturally appropriate services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in our region.  Our ALAP program is designed to ensure that we are engaging with the community we are serving.  Our in-house ALAP worker:

  1. Attends relevant Aboriginal inter-agencies and consultations in Macarthur region.
  2. Liaises with local Aboriginal organisations for better working relationships.
  3. Establishes reliable networks of specialist workers for warm referral purposes.
  4. Organises MLC events for specific ATSI calendar events (for example: NAIDOC, Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week and Children’s Day).
  5. Liaises more broadly with ALAP workers and indigenous workers in the community legal centre sector.
  6. Provides information, support and referral for MLC ATSI clients as appropriate.
  7. Provides cultural training and understanding within MLC.
  8. Conducts ongoing non-legal casework assistance with ATSI clients of MLC, as required.

Indigenous Women’s Assistance Project

MLC is committed to improving support for Aboriginal women and their children living in the Macarthur region.

We provide specialist legal services to Aboriginal women who have issues with domestic and family violence and have family law and/or care and protection concerns.

The aim of the program is to support women within the legal system, provide information, advocacy and referrals and ultimately to improve the quality of family and community.

CALL US: (02) 4628 2042

DROP-IN: 317 Queen Street, Campbelltown, NSW 2560


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03 Dec 2016

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